MpowRX Snoring Device

MpowRX Snoring Device

I think the story reflects what happens in a lot of bedrooms throughout the world… The partner who is going to get the best sleep is often the one who falls to sleep first.

The article below is quite a humorous take on what is a serious problem for a lot of people. You probably won’t need to be reminded, but we are impaired in so many ways when we suffer from a lack of sleep and if you have a partner who consistently snores, not only could be a pointer to some serious health issues they have, it could also lead to serious health issues for the partner who is left awake half the night.

Anyway hope you can see the funny side of this article.

‘…My husband was snoring like a seal, and I was struggling with my decision to kick him or throw fish. I nudged him. He snorted, then stopped. The silence that ensued was divine. I nestled down into my covers and had just reached the point of dreams when the hhhoooyaaabbbahoonkrabababashoooo started again.

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It was like listening to Fred Flintstone with a sinus infection. I nudged harder this time. Again the snoring would stop just long enough for me to drift off. This cycled repeatedly. Finally I shook him awake. “Roll over, you’re snoring so loud you’re chasing the monsters in my dreams” I grumbled.

I knew he had had a long day with a lot of field work and equipment breakdowns, and he was fighting off a head cold, but my sympathy seemed to dissipate each time his uvula flapped against his throat. I finally turned on an audio book, put a pillow over his head, and fell asleep to dream about cows who snorted like they were in their final death throes.

The next day I was still grumbling about his snoring, and we got into a “who snores louder” discussion. I snore. I admit it, but not always, and never louder than him. He disagreed. My proof? He falls asleep first.

The days passed, our discussion however, didn’t.

Then one afternoon while moving equipment out to the field, my husband hands me his phone. “Listen to this,” he says. I held it up to me ear. I didn’t hear anything but static. “Listen close,” he smirks.

I try, but all I hear is this faint static that gets louder and then quieter, then louder again. “Don’t you recognize it?” he is gleaming from ear to ear.

Suddenly it dawns on me. “You were snoring so loud last night!!” he chortled, “that I just had to record you!!”

I couldn’t believe my ears.


“You recorded me?” I asked in disbelief.

My disbelief increased as he played the tape for friends and neighbors over the next few days.

` Our argument over who snores the loudest still hasn’t been resolved – but it did make my earlier struggle a little easier. Next time his snoring encroaches on my dreams I have a whole collection of balls and fish for his enjoyment. He wants to snore like a seal – I’m gonna make him a star circus performer.

Brianna Walker’s column, “The Farmer’s Fate,” runs occasionally in the Eagle…’ More at Commentary: When snoring interrupts serenity, get a recorder – Blue Mountain Eagle


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